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Department of Spatial Planning

Final work

The diploma, bachelor or master thesis is very important as the end of the course.  If you decide to be supervised by our field of expertise, the topic you have chosen should be included in the respective teaching and research profile.  The main areas of work listed here serve as a guide;  topics beyond these data are also possible.  An overview of the topics of the theses supervised in recent years can be found under the heading “Completed theses.”

Supervision of the final work

In addition, the above-mentioned and all other departments members offer supervision of theses on topics of their own choosing. We have listed the research priorities of the department members below.

Priorities of work

  • General themes of urban development in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries
  • Urban development in Dortmund
  • City and family
  • City and gender
  • City and nature
  • Gentrification, upgrading, displacement and segregation processes
  • Social aspects of urban regeneration
  • Development processes in old industrial cities
  • Qualitative social research
  • Gentrification, upgrading and displacement processes
  • Urban political protest movements, urban social movements especially the right-to-city movement
  • Social Discourses, Public Perceptions
  • Public spaces
  • Development processes in old industrial cities
  • (housing policy) developments on the German North Sea and Baltic Sea Islands
  • Urban and gender research
  • Planning theory
  • Public spaces
  • Participation
  • Mobility, migration and transnational social spaces
  • Planning theory
  • Participation
  • City and Family
  • Qualitative social research
  • Storytelling
  • Processes of housing ownership
  • New forms of housing/housing projects
  • Housing cooperatives and urban development
  • Social-spatial development processes and segregation