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Department of Spatial Planning

Examination Instructions

Information from the subject area SOZ on the preparation and conduct of oral examinations in module 15 and the exam campaign in module 18.

In the Bachelor’s program, the Department of SOZ regularly conducts courses in two cross-sectional modules:

  •  “General planning theory, element “Spatial planning theory” (module 15;  according to the old study regulations 2008 module 16;  according to Diploma Study Regulations according to “Planning and Decision Theory and Technology”) 
  •  “Theory of Spatial Development, Element “Demographic Change and Settlement Structure” (Module 18) 

Regular attendance of the course in module 15 is required if an examiner from the field of SOZ is selected in the respective module.

The examinations take the form of an oral examination with a total duration of 20-30 minutes per candidate.  Group tests are possible.

You have the opportunity to prepare a topic for the exam.  This focus should relate to a topic from an event you have attended.  It is desirable to present a thesis paper that helps to structure the exam and with the help of which you develop an argumentation.  Beyond the chosen focus, other central themes or perspectives of spatial planning will also be discussed, so that you can show that you can place your knowledge and your considerations in other spatial planning contexts.

Since in spatial planning – as in any other science – there are often different views on certain topics, proof that you can deal critically with the literature used is a part of a successful examination.

Please bring the following materials to the exam:

  • a thesis paper, including tables, graphs, own calculations and
  • a list of the literature you used to prepare for the exam (compulsory).  Please mention only the books, essays, texts, etc. that you have actually read!

Prepared papers, index cards etc. are not permitted.

The focus of the examination must be agreed with the examiners via email, in exceptional cases also in the context of a personal preliminary interview.  A proposal for the structure of the subject area (outlining) and an initial list of relevant literature should be submitted during the examination vote.

 Literature research is part of the exam preparation.  The bibliographical indexes issued in the courses provide assistance.

 Good luck with your exam!

In module 18, the examinations are currently held in the form of exams (campaign).  Approved aids are announced by the respective lecturer during the course before the exam.  The exam work is carried out under supervision and is not public.  Participants have to identify themselves by means of a student ID card or official photo ID.  To take part in exams, it is mandatory to register electronically on the Portal for Examination Administration (BOSS-System) set up by the TU Dortmund University.  Registration is possible no later than three working days before the day of the exam and revocable up to one day before the exam (deregistration).  If you are not logged in via the BOSS system, you will not be able to register.  Three dates for the exam are set by the exam committee (examination campaign).  Participation on the third date requires unsuccessful participation in one of the previous exams.  Students may only take part in one exam campaign per module or partial achievement.  The module exam is definitively not passed if a student has taken part in an exam campaign without success and failed the oral supplemental exam.  Dates for exams are announced within the semester of the course, but no later than 30 June for exams following the lecture period in the summer semester or 31 December for exams following the lecture period in the winter semester.

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