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SPRING Alumni as Change Agents in Ghana and Nepal

Project management:
Prof. Dr. Susanne Frank

Project processing:
Dr. rer. pol . Karin Gaesing (SOZ), Annika Guhl (SOZ), Lara Lenze (SOZ) 

09.2020 -  12.2021 

Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 

The SPRING.fluence project investigates the processes of change that graduates from the Global South who completed their Master’s degree in Germany initiate in their home countries and which changes have been brought about.  The project investigates whether the alumni actually act as change agents in their professional and private environment.  This is investigated using the example of alumni of the master’s program SPRING of the Department of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund. The study is designed as a country-by-country comparative study between Ghana and Nepal.

With the help of an online survey of all SPRING alumni from Ghana and Nepal, socio-demographic and career-related data are collected as well as the alumni’s own assessment of the extent to which they have had an impact on their professional and personal environment.  In addition, it will be asked whether and how the alumni continue to be connected to Germany. Afterwards, Skype interviews are conducted with selected alumni, in which the graduates are asked in depth about their efforts to change, the strategies they are pursuing, any obstacles and successes.

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